Organize an unforgettable party in a unique boat

Birthdays aboard

Looking for an original and exciting way to celebrate your next birthday? Why not have a birthday party aboard just with your friends surrounded by crystal clear waters of Arrábida Natural Park?

We can help you create a unique and personalised experience, from tour length and route to onboard activities and catering.

Furthermore, our tours offer a unique opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the region, while enjoying a moment of relaxation with your guests.

There is also the possibility of watching dolphins and other aquatic beings like cormorants or gannets.

Since this is a special day with your friends and family we advice you to choose a full day program to have the best experience possible aboard, or at least half day so you can include a meal or longer stop to enjoy the views and waters around you. Note: Customers choosing 2h-3h programs in general feel that they wished to have booked more time aboard.

Each party has unique needs, so we are available to design an experience tailored to your needs! Send us a message on the website, on WhatsApp or call us to discuss the most interesting possibilities!

Secure your reservation in advance. Don’t miss the opportunity to offer this experience to your guests!

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